1. shikandoitall-deactivated201110 asked:

    uhmmmm egusi soup soooo good !!!!!!! lovee this page jo! hahaha

    It is! Hahah thanks and I’m glad you enjoy it :)

  2. (Source: fuckyesafricans)

  3. (Source: fuckyesafricans)

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    Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. Anonymous asked:

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  6. Being late.

  7. Ending every Nollywood movie with “TO GOD BE THE GLORY”

  8. Okada


  9. Ex:

    Dat dress dey fine fine!

    Dat pikin still dey small small!

    Dis rice dey sweet! I go chop well well today oooo!

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  10. Football

    (not soccer, but football)

  11. Aki and Pawpaw

    Aki and Pawpaw

  12. Osuofia in London

    Osuofia in London

  13. Nkem Owoh

    Nkem Owoh

  14. Waiter → Waita

    Babysitter → Babysitta

    Barber → Barba

    Catcher → Catcha

    Water → Wata

    Cover → Cohva


    - Osasu (thatnigeriankid.tumblr.com)

  15. purplenana asked:

    don't know if your spelling of humorous is meant to be humorous, but its wrong.
    LOOOOL Im funny.
    Like your blog :D

    hahahaha, thank you! i honestly probably never would have realized that…